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YouTube looks into original programming of its own

According to a report Monday by Fox Business, Google-owned video site for the masses might want to get a piece of the lights, camera, action enjoyed by Netflix, HBO, Hulu and now even Amazon (through Amazon Prime) and their original programming.  

This is not to say that YouTube will be producing original content. They’re just thinking about it, like how a rich person might think about going to their own private island for vacation but might later decide on a trip to the French Riviera again.

Still, it seems pretty inevitable that YouTube will contribute programming of its own to the site sooner or later — and I have hope it won’t just be live-action if/when it does. After all, Netflix and friends are not just producing insanely popular dramas as their original programming; they’re also producing original animation.

Beginning with TURBOFast, Netflix and partner Dreamworks Animation have gone on to produce animated shows King Julien, Puss in Boots and VeggieTales in the House and, in 2015, will introduce Dinotrux, an adaptation of a book about dinosaurs who are also automobiles. I don’t know. 

Netflix has also produced an original anime, Knights of Sidonia, which until a few minutes ago I would have argued was a song by Muse. 

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime is introducing several computer animated shows this year — created by guys like you through story pitching program Amazon Studio, where greenlit ideas receive $10,000 to bring their stories to the small screen.

Some such shows include the computer animated kiddy program Creative Galaxy, stopmotion-esque Tumble Leaf, and Annedroids, a live action show with practical and CG effects. Please don’t watch the trailer here. Another animated original, Wishenpoof, is also for very young children, but certainly someone with good stories will make it through Amazon Studios sooner or later. (Fully live-action junior high sitcom Gortimer Gibbon’s Life On Normal Street seems the best thing yet to come out of Amazon’s original family programming).

Whether YouTube will team up with a studio, adopt others’ ideas for pilots, or keep doing what they’re doing is yet to be seen. 

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)



Trailer for Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms.

This Chinese feature is coming out in 2016 in China, and hopefully the rest of the world soon after. According to Gizmodo, the cel animation is done by just two animators, Li Wei and Pei Fei. It looks epic and beautiful. Waiting for this is going to be agony.


Can “We Love Wednesday” be a thing? Either way, we’re definitely loving this collection of Winnie the Pooh-themed bottle stoppers and coasters made by Oki Sato/Nendo for Walt Disney Japan.
A glassware collection for Walt Disney Japan, based on Winnie the Pooh and his friends. The basic glass cup and bottle shapes are complemented by silicon lids that recreate some of Winnie the Pooh’s more famous activities: climbing trees, putting his head in a jar of honey and hanging from a balloon. We also designed silicon coasters that complete the scene when placed underneath the glassware: the door to the house, honey on a branch, the clock in Pooh’s room and Pooh stuck in a hole. Rather than focus our design attention on the glassware, we chose to redesign the coasters and lids. (via Nendo)
Artist's statement: Pooh + Bottles
- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)



Finally, a better look at the story of Big Hero 6 in the first full length trailer! Watch it now.

-Courtney (HarmonicaCave)

Dragonball Z fans rejoice! There will be a new Dragonball Z movie next year!Akira Toriyama himself will be writing the script and designing the new characters. He also said that this was a story he wanted to include in his original manga, and he’s fussing over every small bit of dialogue for this movie.Who’s ready for more DBZ next year?-Josh

Dragonball Z fans rejoice! There will be a new Dragonball Z movie next year!

Akira Toriyama himself will be writing the script and designing the new characters. He also said that this was a story he wanted to include in his original manga, and he’s fussing over every small bit of dialogue for this movie.

Who’s ready for more DBZ next year?





Big Hero 6 website now updated with character profiles

There you have it, animation fans! A closer look at the heroes of Big Hero 6, releasing in the US in less than four months.

(via AF contributor Jinny/wannabeanimator)

A Second Look: The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations

Since Thursday, we’ve been posting about the Emmy television awards and what they mean for animation. 

There have been promising categories, like Outstanding Character Voice-Over and the two animation-only groups Outstanding Animated Program and Outstanding Short-Form Animated Program

There were some less promising categories, including the light-on-animation Outstanding Commercial group, and the absent-of-animation Outstanding Children’s Program. 

But most importantly, it’s exciting to see the hard work of animators, voice actors and all the creative/production teams behind animated television. There’s still a long way to go I believe, but recognition for a job well done always helps encourage more jobs done well! 

A few other categories accepted nominations from animated programming; they’re listed or linked below.

  1. Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation —The Simpsons, Fox
  2. Outstanding Special and Visual Effects — two categories, discussed on Cartoon Brew
  3. Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics — Sofia The First: “The Floating Palace,” Disney Channel

Thanks for following along with us!

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)



66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations announced! Part 5

Thursday morning, nominations for the 2014 Primetime Emmys (television awards, in case you get all the cutesy award show names confused) were announced. Here’s how animated works faired:

Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance nominees:

A character’s voice is so important in animation. I’m sure it’s crazy, but it would be so nice that one day, voice actors received even half as much recognition as other actors. Although that day may be as likely as animators receiving as much credit as those who do hair and makeup — did I mention there are seven total Emmy awards for various design in hair and makeup? Not to say that outstanding hair and makeup artists don’t deserve recognition as well. I digress.

Below are the five men nominated for this year’s best voice acting award. Since they might not be household names to all of you, I’ll say a little about each of them in addition to linking their pages from IMDb.

  • Chris Diamantopoulos as “Mickey Mouse,” Disney Mickey Mouse — Chris lends his voice to characters on Family Guy and American Dad! in addition to appearances in many NBC comedies in the last few years: The Office (US), Up All Night and Community. He played Moe in The Three Stooges film reboot and Marky Bark in the latest season of Netflix’s Arrested Development. 

  • Stephen Full as “Stan,” Dog With A Blog (Disney Channel) — This Disney star appeared regularly on I’m in the Band (Disney XD) and guest starred on iCarly (Nickelodeon) and Hannah Montana (Disney Channel), among numerous other live-action shows. His wife of five years, Annie Wersching, is best known as Agent Renee Walker from 24. 

  • Seth MacFarlane as “Glenn Quagmire/ Peter Griffin/ Stewie Griffin,” Family Guy — writer/director/star of upcoming film 1 Million Ways to Die in the West did the same treatment for 2012’s Ted. You may not be aware that he also wrote for Cartoon Network classics Dexter’s Labratory and Johnny Bravo

  • Maurice LaMarche as “Calculon” and “Morbo,” Futurama — You may know him as Brain from Pinky and the Brain. You may know him from The Simpsons, Legend of Korra, and probably 100 other showsHe’s the Grand Master Wizard in Adventure Time. You might even recognize him as the King in Frozen or from Disney’s new show 7D

  • Seth Green as various characters, Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains In Paradise — Green is up for multiple Emmys with his co-creation, Robot Chicken, but that’s not all he does. He voices Chris on Family Guy and, according to his bio, “is consulting on Lucasfilm’s upcoming animated comedic Star Wars series.” He’s been in a lot of popular movies and shows; trust me.

  • Harry Shearer as “Kent Brockman/ Mr. Burns/ Smithers/ Younger Burns,” The Simpsons — If being 21 voices on The Simpsons from its start in 1989 until now isn’t enough claim to fame, I’d have to say his next most recognizable role must be bassist Derek Smalls from This is Spinal Tap. He’s started in a film with Abbott and Costello, done improv on Saturday Night Live, and has portrayed at least two presidents: George Bush (senior) on Golden Girls, and Richard Nixon in a recent television program called Nixon’s the One

Stay tuned for more categories — Animated ProgramKidsCommercialShort Format Animation — and a recap.

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)

More Apollo awesomeness!




66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations announced! Part 4

Thursday morning, nominations for the 2014 Primetime Emmys (television awards, in case you get all the cutesy award show names confused) were announced. Here’s how animated works faired:

Outstanding Short-format Animated Program nominees:


If you were wondering where all your favorite current cartoons are, this category's for you. And, excluding the absence of Gravity Falls from this (and any) list of nominations, I think this year’s section of five provides a solid representation of the quality animated shows produced this year. [Feel free to let me know if you disagree. I won’t be offended.]




Stay tuned for more categories — Animated Program, KidsCommercial, Character Voice-Over — and a recap.

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)